Nakamol's Marketing Journey

Nakamol Asawayonchai, also known as Na or Nathan, completed his Marketing undergraduate studies at Thammasat University. During his time there, he gained valuable experience working with a market research company, both in Thailand and overseas. This experience provided a strong foundation for his deep understanding of consumer behavior, eventually leading to his role as a strategic marketing thinker.

After his studies, Nakamol co-founded a small company with university friends, specializing in online advertising. Each team member brought unique strengths, with Nakamol excelling in strategy and customer understanding. His proficiency earned him the role of Strategic Planner for every project.

Experience as a Marketing Consultant

Nakamol's desire for more experience drove him to become an expert in market research, sales strategy development, and online marketing. He later extended his expertise to train online businesses, both in the public and private sectors, as well as large corporations.

Today, with nearly a decade of experience in online marketing, Nakamol is the CEO of Way Maker Company Limited, focusing on boosting sales through online marketing. He provides consultancy and training services to government agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and over 100 large corporations.

Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge in this field is delivering tangible results that truly contribute to business growth. Success isn't just about running ads; it involves strategies, customer retention, chat responses, and even reconsidering the business model or leadership vision. This necessitates clear performance tracking, a significant challenge in this profession.

To overcome these challenges, Nakamol believes in continuous learning and building a skilled team that complements his expertise. Collaboration is key to overcoming obstacles and achieving success, requiring resilience and commitment to one's beliefs.

Notable Achievements

One of Nakamol's most significant achievements is the remarkable growth of a real estate business. In just a year, he increased its revenue from 30 million Baht to 360 million Baht and expanded it 12-fold within three years. He also tripled the number of new students at a private university, making it the top choice among private institutions. These accomplishments resulted from rapid learning, a deep understanding of business, and constant innovation guided by the WAY Model and 3C Model.

Key Success Factors at Way Maker

Nakamol's faith plays a pivotal role in his mindset. He believes in providing the best solutions and aiding others, much like the song 'Way Maker' suggests:

  • Miracle Worker: Creating new and optimal paths.
  • Promise Keeper: Staying committed and delivering the best.
  • Light in The Darkness: Offering guidance to businesses.

At Way Maker, they employ Agile Marketing, focusing on long-term ROI growth, and emphasize a WIN-WIN approach in business. You can learn more about their achievements at

Nakamol is also actively involved in various boards and committees, contributing to the industry and society as a whole.

Marketing Tools and Technologies

Nakamol is proficient in various marketing tools and technologies, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and social media marketing. His expertise in data analytics enables him to track campaign performance and provide actionable insights to clients, ensuring continuous improvement and optimization.

Thank you for considering his services. He looks forward to discussing how his skills and experience can benefit your company.

Contact Information

If you're interested in enhancing your business by understanding your customers, efficiently solving problems, and achieving clear results, you can reach out to Nakamol at:


Nakamol A.

Full-time CEO of Way Maker and part-time writer.